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Afrosoft, SAWA launch SHA application

Afrosoft, SAWA launch SHA application

Afrosoft, SAWA launch SHA application

By Edward Mukaro

LOCAL technology giant, Afrosoft, has launched SHA, an application set to change the life assurance industry by providing a platform for locals and Diasporas with no life policies a chance at getting the best affordable funeral policy cover.

In an interview with this publication, Swaziland based Afrosoft Holdings Regional Sales Executive and SAWA director; Walter Sande expressed optimism at the application’s prospects in the country, citing that SHA would change the face of the funeral cover issues, especially for those who cannot afford to pay monthly policy installments.

“SHA is a one-stop-shop for any Zimbabwean without a funeral policy cover when faced with bereavement in or outside of Zimbabwe (hope to expand to other African countries). The idea came about after realizing that most Zimbabweans cannot afford funeral policy cover.

“In addition, running a funeral is expensive let alone repatriating human remains. In most cases, families and friends crowdfund to run a funeral.

Therefore, SHA links several funeral parlours that will register and subscribe in order to have their services accessible to customers who would want to search and use their services based on their budget,” said Sande.

The SHA application is on mobile (for customers) and web (for parlours) and can be downloaded from Play Store or App Store for free.

According to Sande, individual downloads SHA on their device for free.

In the event of bereavement, a relative or friend with the SHA application can compare prices and services for the best parlour in the comfort of their homes, thereby saving time.

Upon choosing the ideal parlour, payment can be made online and a reference number will be issued out.

Sande added that the application would certainly spare Diasporas from incurring unnecessary charges, and give users peace of mind, as there is no chance that money will be unaccounted for, while partnerships with funeral parlours will certainly be of convenience to the people.

“The application will save time and also assist Zimbabweans in the diaspora in that they can make payments online and avoid losing their money to unreliable people as well as save on sending charges and commission.

“It will assist Zimbabweans in handling funerals in one place on the palm of their hands from start to end without moving from one place to the next.

“So, partnering funeral parlours to come up with a solution that is helpful to most Zimbabweans was a natural decision and we will continue to fine-tune the application to include more services like Chema among others.

Afrosoft manufactured the SHA application in partnership with SAWA, a Swaziland registered company. 

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