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Caroline Muvingi

“Women Unleashed” celebrates International Women’s Day in style

By Allan Mbotshwa

WOMEN Unleashed joined the globe in celebrating International Women’s Day at a glitzy ceremony held in the capital under the theme: “Empowering women to achieve greater heights”.

The month of March is known as Women’s history month, which seeks to recognize the achievements of women from all works of life, Women Unleashed celebrated the month at the Monomotapa Hotel in the capital.

The mastermind behind the initiative, Caroline Muvingi, is a successful businesswoman, who has a dream to empower women across the country.

In attendance was Tracy Mawoneke, a marketing and customer care professional and certified fitness trainer with an upcoming brand: “Trae Fitness”.

In her keynote address, guest of honour, Mrs Mudiwa, chief executive officer of Gray group of companies, emphasised the importance of women’s empowerment, saying women are instrumental in any setup, be it family, community, or even business. Empowering women creates a society that has equality and powerful innovative women.

“Women are powerful and they need to know that, you have to take it upon yourself to be the change you need, we (women) are born with various gifts and we need to utilise those gifts to reach our full potential. Whenever I see a woman, I see potential which needs to be tapped into,” said Mrs Mudiwa.

Tracey Mawoneke spoke about the importance of having a healthy balanced life through exercise and keeping fit as there is need to keep one’s mental and physical body in the correct state.

Tracey is also a fitness enthusiast who is certified and wants to start “Trae Fitness” brand in a bid to aid women in maintaining healthy lives.

Caroline Muvingi also spoke about the importance of creating synergies that will allow for women to gain more financial ground in the business sector.

“Coming together is the only sure way women (can) make it; we should always strive to help each other out because as women, we have to build than destroy, we have to be able to see when someone needs help and offer that helping hand because we have all been in really difficult situations, and we all know how that can affect you without the proper help,” she said.

The event was a glamorous one as the ladies were adorned in breath-taking dresses and had the most eye-catching hairstyles. It was indeed a night of celebrating women and recognizing the achievements they have attained.

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