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Econet Wireless became the first Zimbabwean firm to launch the 5G network

Econet Lauches 5G-network base

By Laurence Kanyasa

ECONET Zimbabwe has launched the first 5G-network base in the country, with high hopes that the coming in of new technology will enhance network provision and improve services in the country.

Avondale and Newlands become the first spots in the country to be allocated a 5G base station in Zimbabwe, with 20 more bases expected to be launched by June 2022, POTRAZ said.

The new network type will see improved services and data networks will move at lightning speed according to the telecommunications regulator.

Research has shown that not all 5G networks are the same, as there are different according to geographical location in the world.

In 2019, 5G was introduced to the mainstream market, so that the masses can access the network at an affordable rate, globally.

“Introduction of faster networks will help speed and enhance telecoms service delivery to its consumers, while strengthening the country’s position on the global scene,” said POTRAZ director general Doctor Gift Machengete on the official launch of the 5G base in Harare.

“The future is now upon us and we should experience the future in today’s world,” Machengete added.

“In the past few weeks, Econet has been promising the introduction of this new technology and the promise has come nigh,” said Econet chief executive officer Douglas Mboweni.

5G mobile broadband technology was made possible in partnership with global tech giants ZTE and Ericson.

The project is a multi-million dollar project and Econet has invested over 3 Billion dollars in improving and setting up state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure since it started.

Announcing the launch of the tech, Mboweni said the 5G network will be rolled out to individuals and businesses in Harare.

“The rollout will see transformation of the economy through fostering a digital economy, in addition online learning, business webinars will be made much smoother,” he said.

The new technology is the fastest network to be developed since 4G came into the spotlight; it is believed to be one hundred times faster than broadband networks currently on the market.

5G network allows for connection of multiple devices at on goal, which allows for multi-tasking and meets set targets and goals in a shorter space of time

“This technology will offer new uses of the internet, while helping meet data demand in the country,” said Kezito Makuni, Econet chief operating officer.

South Africa was the first country to introduce a 5G network in the African region and it has made significant strides in its telecommunications.

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