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All set for the 2022 national census

By Laurence Kanyasa

Government says preparations for the 2022 population and housing census is at an advanced stage with all personnel and resources in place for the smooth undertaking of the exercise.

Addressing a post cabinet media briefing, minister of Information Communication Technology Postal and Courier Services (ICTPCS) Jenfan Muswere said that levels one and two training has been sucessfulply completed having completed training in March 2022.

He added that the larger number of personnel would be drawn from various government departments and the civil service

Amongst them will be professionals from the teaching fraternity, the youths and other members in the security services.

As a result of these developments, minister Muswere said that cabinet has advised all institutions of higher learning to be closed from 18 to 30 April to pave way for the population census to roll in smoothly.

“The closure of these institutions will avoid mixing of students with census personnel creating a way for enumeration of students in their usual household,” Muswere said.

 Information from the Zimbabwe Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) revealed that the country has a total of 40 500 enumerators across the ten provinces.

Members who have been trained so far were equipped with concepts and census processes approach, in addition they were also trained on the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) techniques,” said Aluwisio Mukavhi, director of demography and social statistics at ZIMSTAT.

He added that more training on data collection supervision has been availed to allow conductors of the census program to track and monitor activities in different regions of the country.

“These training programs are very important in classifying the activity of citizens in terms of occupation and sectors of the economy they are in,” said Mukavhi.

This coming census becomes the fourth one to be carried out by the Zimbabwean government since independence.

In 1982 the population was 7.5 million however in the 2012 census Zimbabwe’s population stood at 13.1 million; this marks a significant increase in population.

Census is carried out after every decade to measure population growth or decline, fertility levels and allocation of resources such as food and investment area.

In light of these developments, social commentators believe that increase in population as evidenced by the 2012 census will increase consumption of food, fuel energy and more demand for economic opportunities.

“The country is struggling to feed and provide jobs and I believe sharp increases in population is one of the factors, the economy has not grown as much as the population has,” said Tafara Chimbanda, social commentator and entrepreneur.

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