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Youth critical in economic development – ZYC

 By Laurence Kanyasa

AS the National Youth Day draws closer, youths have been identified as the major players in economic growth of the country, a feat that can be achieved through education and entrepreneurial skills development.

The thrust of the Government’s plan is to provide skill-based knowledge through vocational training centres which offer life-sustaining skills such as mechanics, carpentry, bricklaying, to mention a few.

Educating the youths is one of the biggest thrusts that the government has embarked on and prospects are high that these Vocational Training Centres (VTCs) will produce skills needed for economic growth in various sectors

According to the ministry of youth, sport, art, and culture, education and skills development are lifelong processes that are relevant to the holistic and integrated development of youth.

“This is an important step towards enabling youths in Zimbabwe to be productive members of a prosperous Zimbabwe,” said Lungisani Moyo, ZYC spokesperson.

With the national youth day approaching, which is set to be held on the 21st of February, youth participation in education, mining and entrepreneurship have been emphasised.

In previous years, youths have been left out in matters of economic building,  however, the 2013 constitution granted youths the right to contribute meaningfully to the economy.

In Zimbabwe, youth constitute over 35% of the total population, hence the need to engage them to champion the industrial revolution and set the nation on a trajectory towards achieving an upper-middle-class economy by 2030.

Through the national youth policy, young men and women will access loans through the Zimbabwe Women’s Microfinance Bank (ZWMB), which will strengthen their position in accessing capital for their desired venture.

Investment in sectors of mining, tourism, information communication and technology (ICT), health and industry is greatly encouraged for the youths

This will see tonnes of jobs being created whilst offering services to the nation, said

Over the years, the youth have cried foul over governance issues citing non-involvement in decision and policy-making processes.

The NYP is a government document that is crafted to develop and enhance youth’s participation in various economic sectors.

The national youth charter adopted in 2006 called for African member states to come up with a comprehensive and coherent youth policy.

Being victims of a society and a struggling economy, the youth have in the past decade, increased drug, alcohol, and substance intake, which has a negative effect on their health.

The Health and wellness of the youth is of importance in building the future generation; hence, there is need to encourage young people in the country to embrace a healthy way of living.

The policy seeks to provide technical and financial support to build the institutional capacity of youth-serving organisation and teachers in addressing youth health concerns.

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