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Cheers to that mate!

Minister of Information, Hon Monica Mutsvangwa

Cheers to that mate!

THE recent announcement that bars may open their doors was received with loud cheers from those who cherish the so-called ‘wise waters’ and mainly those in the beverage business.

However, there is a catch. Bar owners or operators are expected to only open doors to fully vaccinated patrons.

How that will be supervised remains to be seen, as some bars had already been selling alcohol under the authorities’ noses and patrons were being allowed to drink within the premises at some bars, despite being vaccinated or not.

On the other side of the coin, Cabinet’s announcement comes amid a scenario whereby most notable bars and clubs had become white elephants in the face of regulations to curb the COVID pandemic, whose effects have changed the way humans go about their daily business, be it at home or the workplace.

The closure of officially bars has largely led to the mushrooming of street bars, which are mainly run by vendors. These can be spotted no most corners of the capital city, especially near the mushika-shika ranks, where people gather to meet and socialise before getting transport to get home.

However noble the opening of bars might be the nation has to be wary of the possibility of another rise in COVID- 19 cases if complacency creeps in.

Public places where people gather in huge numbers have tended to be the super-spreaders of the pandemic the world over.

It’s encouraging to notice that despite giving the green light to the opening of probable COVID- 19 super spreaders, Government is keen to see regulations be followed.

“The nation is advised that in view of a potential fourth wave and the general complacency being experienced in most communities following the relaxation from Level 4 to Level 2 lockdown, implementation and enforcement of all Public Health and Social Measures will continue to be strengthened with a focus on vaccine rollout and awareness campaigns at public places and gatherings.

“Bar owners are also required to ensure that the World Health Organisation and national protocols and guidelines are enforced, failure of which their licenses will be withdrawn. The bars are also required to adhere to curfew hours,” said the Minister of Information Hon Monica Mutsvangwa, in a recent post –Cabinet brief.

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