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Kushanda Kunge Zuva, a breath of fresh air

Caroline "Caychu" Chiroodza

Kushanda Kunge Zuva, a breath of fresh air

By Edward Mukaro

The BusinessConnect got a chance a sit down with fast-rising Afro-contemporary artist, Caroline Chirowodza, who is also known as Caychi (CC) before the track hits the local charts and streets in a few week’s time. The chat gives those familiar to Caychi and those new to the artist an in-depth insight into the making of Kushanda Kunge Zuva and other projects 

May you give a background brief on the track Kushanda Kunge Zuva?

CC: I remember sitting with Bonface Chimedza in a restaurant, had invited him for pizza and l told him deep secrets all about my life and he referred to it all with his theme “focused like the sun” and l translated it all into Shona ndinoshanda kunge zuva with all that occurred in my life. I then asked him to help me write the lyrics since he is a writer he came with lyrics based on my life also giving strength and hope to all. I managed to arrange and came up with a melody with the lyrics.

The song is pregnant with meaning? What’s the inspiration behind the song?

CC: The meaning of the song is ‘keep focused like the sun, come what may’, and I was inspired by my life.

Obviously, there’s been a lot of work put into the project. Who is the producer and other key personnel who played a key role in the production of the track?

CC: Actually they are 2 producers behind this song Benaiah Jere and Courage at Honeymoon records also did the production of the song.

I understand you will be launching a video the same day you are going to release the song. Is this your first video and are we likely to see more videos from your upcoming projects?

CC: Yes it’s my first video l have to say and of course, it will be the beginning of more videos. I had to gear myself up to do this and l told myself the single will have to
come up out with a video come what may and God will accompany me.

Not every artist has managed to release a video, let alone an album. You already have an album under your belt. What setbacks have you encountered as a budding artist, and how have you managed to navigate to where you are today

CC: Yes it’s never easy but when you got something at heart you will strive through come what may, l have faced so many challenges money, family affairs, love affairs, the list is endless thoughts of quitting but l have a passion for music that’s what keeps me going. Really need the world to read my story one day if l give up all will be lost, l have to finish what l have started.

Who produced the Kushanda Kunge Zuva video?

CC: The one who’s going to be behind the production of the video is Blesswyn Kay films.

Are you under any record label?

CC: No lam on my own

When can your fans expect your second album? And is Kushanda Kunge Zuva part of an album or a single track?

CC: Hoping soon will have a second album and Ndinoshanda Kunge Zuva is a single track

What other occupations do you hold, if any, despite being a musician?

CC: Despite being a musician lam an actress been on Estate Blues now lam with Viva Wenera also, YouTube drama series Pfimbi secrets on YouTube and Kungwavha-ngwavha series which will soon be on YouTube also I am a businesswoman and l have always and developed into marketing. 

What’s your highest academic qualification?

A: I went to a music college for a National Certificate for music theory and practical would have been in my second year despite challenges

Given your previous projects as a musician, any idea of how your fans and those who didn’t know you react to Kushanda Kunge Zuva?

CC: With this single track coming soon l feel my fans would get to know me also they have missed me it’s a way of coming back though l was only well known with live band performances this single needs to get a lot of airplay.

Any parting short to upcoming musicians and those who dream to be where you are today?

CC: Never give up on what you believe in and don’t stop, come what may keep focused like the sun.

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