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PPPs vital for SMEs development

Delight Makotose

PPPs vital for SMEs development

By Edward Mukaro

PUBLIC – Private Partnerships (PPP) are key in the growth of Small and Medium Entreprises (SMEs) as they do not yet possess much of the required apparatus to clinch key tenders flighted by authorities, SME International Expo director, Delight Makotose has said.

Speaking in an interview with this publication, Makotose said the onus is upon authorities to make it mandatory for corporates to coopt SMEs in some of the major projects, for example, road works and construction projects.

“SMEs are not well resourced; hence, there is need to partner public entreprises by virtue that, through collaboration, you can assist in the growth of the SMEs sector.

“We take a cue from what is happening in the road construction. Yes, we do have SMEs who have the equipment, but the is equipment is not enough to embark on a stretch of road as required by Government, but there is a need to coopt the SMEs to ensure that they also have a share of the cake. That collaboration also ensures that SMEs also have a share of the cake.

“We are focusing on growth, and from all the mega projects which are happening, we are not seeing any SMEs involvement. For instance, even on the road construction, why cant the SMEs be the ones to do crushing of the gravel of the roads on a particular stretch. It’s actually an issue of how can we share this big cake because if you note,” said Makotose.

The SMEs chief dismissed issues of lack of corporate governance on SMEs’ part for failing to win tenders, saying players in the sector are ready to toll the line and deliver once called upon, especially where deliverables are clearly outlined.

“SMEs will toll the line the line where you say the line where you say this is what we need or say the final product should have certain specifications, I tell you, SMEs will toll the line,” he said.

According to a journal Scientific Research, an academic publisher: “The economic meltdown and infrastructure decay in Zimbabwe over the past two decades has been strongly attributed to the absence of public-private sector partnerships amid political decay.

“The rapid intervention by government in the last two years to undertake PPPs has been more pronounced in road network re-construction although not so many projects have been done to date. 

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