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‘The future is SCRUMMY’

Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa Mutsvangwa celebrating Kudzai Chimhanda's Best First Time Presenter Trophy at ZAS 2021

‘The future is SCRUMMY’

THE 2021 Zimbabwe Agriculture Show (ZAS) came and sprang into life from 27 September to 1 October under the theme “Synergies for Growth – Cooperate. Collaborate. Complement”

The event thrived to live up to its billing, although the harsh impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic could be noted. But the hype of the event was still alive with exhibitors battling to grab the judges’ eye for their varied exhibitions under different sectors. One such exhibition was from Scrummy Smooth Peanut Butter which made its maiden but emphatic exhibition, scooping the Best 1st Time Exhibitors Trophy at ZAS 2021.

The determined start-up runs under Apuk Investments, which is Harare based and fully committed to ensuring a lively and healthy Zimbabwe in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Goals, creating employment, and reducing post-harvest losses through making lasting products that are competitive and quality filled.

Our reporter Wellington Zimbowa had a Question and Answer session with its Founder and director Kudzai Chimhanda. Below are the excerpts:

1) Can you tell us how and when you started manufacturing Scrummy Smooth Peanut Butter?

I joined a women’s organization called Today’s Businesswomen Development in 2019. The Founder introduced a project on having groups of 20 women manufacture products so as to conquer the Manufacturing Industry. My group decided to produce Peanut Butter. During the first 3 months, we grew individually and as a group. We also faced a few challenges that come with bringing people with different backgrounds together but that did not stop me from learning from everyone’s strengths. After 5 months I decided to pull out and start producing my own peanut butter. This is how Scrummy Peanut Butter was birthed.

2) Is it a side enterprise that you do to supplement your income or you are fully committed to it?

It was a side enterprise for a year and a half. Now I am fully committed to it. 

3) How is the enterprise proceeding, what are the challenges and success stories of your peanut butter project?

The challenges so for an aspiring entrepreneur who is now 100 percent committed to the project are: 

a). Getting the critical input i.e. groundnuts at good prices as I don’t have my own so as to cut on the expenditure bill.

b) Penetrating the established retail sector is a challenge since  I don’t have enough capital to keep the business going whilst waiting for payments on orders delivered since such takes time.

c) Despite us having a high-end premium product that deservedly is not the same with most poor products on the market whose prices are ridiculously lower, some customers tend to prefer the latter, although our products have wholesome quality, nutrition and food safety guarantee.

One brand- Kudzai Chimhanda and Family donning the Scrummy Peanut Butter gear!

4) As a young start-up what are the success stories so far?

a) Scrummy Peanut butter being in existence is a big success story for me. 

b) Scrummy Peanut Butter is of high quality hence has received a lot of compliments even from high offices.

c) Scrummy was part of the exhibitors under the Young Women for Economic Development who won the Best 1st Time Exhibitors Trophy at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show 2021. 

4) How is your market like?

Ans: Currently Scrummy Peanut Butter sells on Social media platforms, farmers markets and the community. It is looking at entering the retail market.

5) If there is an investor keen to support you, what is it that you may want most?

Ans: a) As a growing startup, adequate capital is key to ensure sustainable growth to guarantee issues such as securing critical requirements while boosting our production capacity to meet bigger demands required by retail supermarkets thus a  capital injection of USD10 000 would be appreciated and positive returns will be assured as per the agreed terms.

We also look forward to having our own land so that we grow our crops and maximise the whole agro-value chain and maximise on the product range.

Capital injection in order to produce bulkier orders to enter the retail market.  b) Get land to farm own groundnuts.

6) How is your project helping the community, farmers, or families, i.e. the broader society?

Ans: a) Producing a nutritious product to the community thereby contributing to achieving the SDG 3: Good Health and Well Being. 

b) Providing a market to the groundnuts farmers by purchasing their produce.

c) Employment for the three people who work under Scrummy Peanut Butter

7) For how long have you been participating in events such as the Zimbabwe Agriculture Show and how has this been helping your project.

Ans: 2021 was the first time for Scrummy Peanut Butter to exhibit at the Zimbabwe Agricultural Show. It has helped the business through exposure and networking. Sales increased. Our stand winning a trophy also brought a positive impact to Scrummy Peanut Butter. Being able to network with other businesses also helped us get better service providers. We were able to get contact details of more farmers with groundnuts thereby increasing the source of our raw materials.

You can get in touch with Scrummy  Smooth Peanut Butter on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ScrummyPeanutButter or WhatsApp  on 077 760 4596

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