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ZIMNWA acquires more prepaid meters

THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has started rolling out prepaid water meters around the country with at least 1 000 meters having been installed in small towns, growth points, and rural service centers, while another 8 000 meters are expected to be delivered in the country a few weeks from now. 

ZINWA plans to connect 35 000 units by end of this year and the prepaid water meters will be installed for free, for now.

Corporate Communications and Marketing Manager for ZINWA, Marjorie Munyonga said, the parastatal is pleased with the acceptance of the concept from the people.

“A further 8 000 meters are expected in the country in the coming few weeks to give more impetus to the exercise.

“In this initial phase, ZINWA is installing the meters, including replacing the old post-paid meters without asking clients to pay anything. There will not be any changes to the tariff structure. Those on the prepaid system and those still on the post-paid system will pay the same tariffs,” said Munyonga.

The water meters are expected to improve revenue collection, regulate water consumption and ensure accurate billing for consumers.

Meanwhile, ZINWA has embarked on a massive water disconnection exercise to recover $2,4 billion it is owed by consumers.

So far the authority has disconnected water supplies to about 20 000 Gwanda residents over a ZW$193.2 million debt which accumulated over the years, as part of an ongoing debt-recovery operation.

Gwanda Municipality Mayor, Njabulo Siziba said residents have been forced to rely on few boreholes dotted around the town.

“ZINWA disconnected our water supply on Thursday morning, leaving the town without running water. Residents are now relying on boreholes. We owe ZINWA $193 million and we are in the process of engaging them in order to rectify the issue.

“We have an outstanding $150 million, which is owed to us by debtors and most of them are Government departments. This has also affected us in clearing our arrears. We are seized with the matter and we hope to have it rectified soon,” he said.

Munyonga, in a statement, said the operation is targeting government departments, local authorities and other categories of clients whose accounts are ZW$2.4 billion in arrears.

“Of the total debt, Government departments owe more than $1 billion, local authorities more than $500 million, irrigators nearly $400 million while domestic clients account for more than $200 million. The other clients such as parastatals, mines, industry, schools and churches account for the remainder of the amount,” she said.

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