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Yonder and beyond ‘mother earth’ with Kwawada Travel and Tours!

Binga beach in Zimbabwe

Yonder and beyond ‘mother earth’ with Kwawada Travel and Tours!

By Wellington Zimbowa

NO wonder why the world is commonly referred to as ‘Mother Land” in literal terms.

And two youthful siblings Trish and Sachikunda vowed to claim their place in the Tours and Travel business – ensuring that humanity travesty yonder and beyond the globe in the comfy confidence of assured professional, innovative, and world-class, but affordable standards.

As the name speaks, Kwawada Travel and Tours under Trish and Sharon Sachikunda directorship ensures clients have the best service that enables them to see the scenic and hidden places of the earth with no hassles.

“Kwawada Travel and Tours is a budding company owned by two sisters aged 27 and 30 years, respectively, a couple of years back,” said Trish, a Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) graduate, doubling as the firm’s operations director, as well.
However, the COVID- 19 global pandemic that has wreaked global economies triggering highly restrictive measures in line with WHO public health protocols have severely affected the tourism sector as borders closed.

Travelling- the lifeblood of tourism, especially global, has been severely affected as international borders closed.

However, the innovative firm now concentrates on Domestic Tourism and is sensitive to peoples’ budgets – now focusing on scenic adventure places that are not so common like Binga.

Recently, a Kwawada Travel and Tours customised trip to Binga was a lifetime wonder for the participants.

“We are now focusing on domestic tourism, targeting affordable trips for the local people, trying to find new places that are not crowded, but quite beautiful, so that we can have cheaper packages unlike popular places such as Victoria Falls.

“Our clients for the Binga Trip couldn’t believe that they were still in Zimbabwe,” added Trish.

Binga, which has been specifically set as a special tourist economic zone by the government has scenic and adventure filling activities such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, boat riding and swimming in the Zambezi River sub-streams.

Trish added that the unique, but homely culture of the Tonga people added something typical to the Garden of Eden aura.

However, the lockdown curfew restrictive measures and the obligation of doing business with vaccinated clients is proving costly to the travel and tour company.

But it’s not that dark for the enlightened youthful entrepreneurs as they are now focusing on domestic tourism, waiting for the global; COVID- 19 cloud to clear.

Below is the range of services offered by the disruptive young start-up:


Duration varies

Kwawada is in partnership with the best airlines in the world, you never have to worry if you get a seat or not because we always have reserved seats for you.


Duration varies

Company, schools and institution training, getaways and conference planning is our specialty. Trust Kwawada to do all the planning for you, including the guest speakers and be assured that you always get the best service.


Duration varies

Last-minute planning might be so stressful and you might find that most hotels or airplanes are fully booked. You do not have to worry because Kwawada always has reserved places just for you


Duration varies

Too busy to plan for your holiday? But feel like you really have to go anyways! Trust Kwawada with all the time-wasting preparations and get to enjoy a stress-free holiday.


Duration varies

If you want to experience the ultimate fun in an exotic land, fun in the coast and beach water, and all other activities, rely on Kwawada to take you wherever you want.


30 minutes

You never have to worry about going to a place that you have never been before because we have well-traveled staff that will guide you no matter where you want to go.


30 minutes

Straight from the airport to your doorstep, our Kwawada taxis will be there to take you wherever you want.

Travel Finance

30 minutes

If you do not have enough cash on you but really wish to travel before the holidays end, we can also assist you with that. You can go on your holiday and pay the money later. T&Cs apply.


30 minutes

We offer accommodation bookings when you are travelling, there is no need to worry about where you will sleep because Kwawada already has you covered.

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